As an anime artist, I feel that my input may be useful to those interested in learning.

A generally accepted method that I have seen used (I try to keep free of using methods) is to start with the head, drawing it as a circle (lightly), than extend the sides down to form a chin, aproximatly one quarter of the diameter of the circle down (this will just give you a face on perspective, I personally start with the eyes and determine the angle at which I want the head from there, the eyes are very important to seeing proportions without having to always measure them out). Lightly draw an arc a little below the centre of the circle, it will probably seem low, but this is where the eyes should be located. Generally in anime the nose is a small pointy type thing, look at some anime for reference to the nose. The ears should come in where the sides for the chin are located, add hair as appropriate.

Also one may note that the younger the human usually the "wider" the face, this is simply that the chin is not as low as that of an adult, the two sides thus should intersect higher to give a more childish look.

One thing needed to me adressed for begginers is that the human hand is just a little smaller than the face, and the human foot usually a little longer, hands and feet are also the most difficult things for many beggining artists to draw, I myself have been drawing for a bit over two years at present and still have difficulty. study your favourite anime(s) a bit to figure out the wicked hand.

Studying the art to a deeper extent will often assist one with their drawing.