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I really really didn't think that amphibolous was a word.

Certainly the chocolate was not meant for you.

You teach history of the nineteenth century. Hmm. Isn't that the one where all the years start with an 18?

The toothpaste apocalypse suddenly changed everything for Ian.

Over there, in the corner, the drummer clenches his eyes, dancing with the bass line, praying for a gasp of inspiration.

To curtain ourselves from anger, where our blades are so nimble.

I guess I just never was a joiner and now, anticipating nothing, nothing comes.

The stock in trade of most Salesmen, even Willy, is called an elevator pitch. Think, if I just have the time in a hypothetical elevator ride, in which to make an impression.

The solution provides security to the server and web application by protecting the security configuration and all resources that a hacker would need to access in order to own the system.