Sometimes, the worst possible things really do happen at the worst possible moments. They often also choose to happen just when you're feeling particularly good about yourself, just to spite you.

So, my PC's monitor has finally given up the ghost. It is no longer capable of functioning as a monitor, although would work quite well in the "display a stupidly bright horizontal line" department. Formerly it was working fine; next, it was merely temperamental (requiring a hefty whack every now and then to make it usable), but now it has failed in that respect too.

Surely I'm not the only one who finds that just as soon as one problem with a computer is fixed, another leaps up to fill the void? I've had to replace a power supply, sound card, speakers, CPU, all in the last year, and my bank balance is beginning to show for it. S'not fair.

Meh. I always feel better after a good long whinge.