Dance With Intensity is a Dance Dance Revolution simulator for Windows-based PCs. It allows the player to run through any of the songs provided with the famous Konami game(s), as well as user-provided songs, using MP3 files and step-files (with the extension .dwi).

It first emerged onto the Internet on December 14, 2000 in version 1.0, and has since then progressed all the way up to its current incarnation (version 2.40.00). It currently uses DirectX 8 and has a totally skinable interface. It also allows the user to display song-specific backgrounds (in handy-dandy png format), animations (.avi) and custom announcer files.

Amongst its features are such diverse elements as:
(taken from the official website)

  • Freeze Arrows
  • Downwards-scrolling arrows
  • BPM changes and pauses
  • 6-panel solo mode
  • Multiple folders (for separating songs)
  • High Score Records
  • Background animations
  • The Most Annoying In-Game Announcer Since DDR itself

    One of the more intesting, and useful, elements of the program is built-in support for dancemat controllers, either directly plugged in to the PC or through a PSX-PC adapter.

    It can be downloaded for the extortionate price of nothing from