Saw this movie in the theater years ago, and it was my introduction to Tarantino's work. One of Christian Slater's better films, the action aspect of the story is neverending. Walken's 15-minute spot as a gangster, interrogating Dennis Hopper, is superb and makes you want to kiss your hands. Brad Pitt, that lovable pot-head who lives on Michael Rapaport's couch, amuses me every time I see him holding the honey bear. Gary Oldman, as the cuddly pimp named Drexel, offers up his lines hilariously. ("You musta thought it was white boy day! It ain't white boy day, is it?") Val Kilmer is also in the movie, although you never really see his face, since he stars as a slightly hidden Elvis giving Slater's character pep-talks.

The soundtrack is a great one as well, with music by Hans Zimmer, Nymphomania, Soundgarden, Chris Isaak and more.