Along with Christmas shopping, calling relatives and making a spaghetti dinner with my boyfriend, I've been doing a little cleaning today... winter cleaning, I suppose. (Wow, don't we sound exciting this weekend.) While throwing out a few items, I ran across my middle school diary.

Oh my lord.

I have issues with nostalgia. I've read through most of the thing, and while it's embarrasing, I figure it might be more interesting in my day log than the majority of what I'd have to say about this actual day. So.....

Me in 1990. (8th grade)
"My life is one big mix up. But then again, I've found that everyones life is, and there is no getting around it. Like my stepmother always says, 'Life sucks, then you die.'" {Ah, we see the onset of teen angst here, do we not?}
I talked to Ally today. I told her about a record I found of my parent's called Saturday Night Fever. On the top are the Bee Gees, while below them on a disco floor stands John Travolta, in a white suit with his butt sticking out and his finger pointed in the air. This was such a joke to us. But hey, if there was a song back then we had to like, it was 'Staying Alive.'
Ally wants me to come over this weekend so we can watch the movies 1969 and Parenthood. Guess what? Once me and Ally went to the mall and we saw this guy that looked JUST like Emilio Estevez except he was taller. We tried to follow him but lost him. Oh well. He was good looking and Ally loves Emilio Estevez." {Oh... this poor guy and a number of others were followed when we were budding teens. To the people out there, I apologize.} "Today we got the Olympics! It's the biggest thing! Atlanta Georgia won the Olympics! This morning we heard it in the gym. It was dead silent, then this man said we got it. Everyone jumped for joy. Also in science we were supposed to observe a candle before, during and after it was burned. I wrote 70 observations down, and it was the highest in the class!
I just watched Unsolved Mysteries and it was about circles made in wheat and corn fields made around the world, and due to evidence, they think it might be UFOs. It was so creepy! Right now I'm on my bed and every little noise is scaring me!" {The early stages of my neurosis, I suppose}
"Heath Hale asked me to go with him today, but I think of him as more of a friend. I feel bad about saying no, but, oh well."

All right I will stop this tragedy now. Forgive me.