A new week begins with a headache, tepid coffee and too little sleep. But I am trudging through work, yes I am (despite this little daylog detour).

The whole of last week was certainly made much better by the fact that my boyfriend was able to reside with me before school began again. On the afternoons when I returned from work, we gorged on a variety of naughty foods, since our wallets were slightly bulkier after Christmas. Well now they have slimmed up once again, but we enjoyed it while we could. Sushi, primarily. And the surprise snow on Thursday and Friday were welcome changes in Georgia weather. The snow averaged 3-4 inches throughout the upper half of the state, which is rare. Iced up the pathway to my apartment nice and lovely so I took a little plunge one morning, my ass kissing the cold slick surface oh-so-gracefully. Considering this incident, and the one a few weeks ago where I fell down the stairs at my father’s house, I’d say gravity has it in for me. But I’ll hush on that since it’s my paranoia speaking, and frankly I think everyone is against me, not just gravity.

Hush O-Swirl! In other, and I’m sure terribly interesting, O-Swirl news, my beta, Soma, is sick. Popeye is what ails him. I’ve managed to catch it relatively early so we ran to the store for fish antiobiotics three days ago. He has not fully recovered, but he ate a few food pellets yesterday, so I’m hoping for the best.

We had several friends from out of town stay with us for about three days last week, during New Years, which was pretty cool. I’ve had few guests stay overnight at my abode, and it turned out nicely. We showed them around lovely ol’ Athens, ate too much Thai, watched a well-loved film of mine (Grosse Pointe Blank), and partied too hard on New Years. Yeehaw. I plan on being a homebody for several months now- plan, mind you- with a smattering of outings to relieve my occasionally introverted tendencies.

We saw The Lord of the Rings yesterday. I very much enjoyed the film, and definitely feel that it is one worth watching in the theater before it departs for video; the special effects are wonderous. A did not notice the length of the movie due to the unrelenting action. A good flick indeed.

I must return to my obituary writing at the moment. I wish all a lovely day.