A co-worker at my office here, who reports on the cop's beat, is getting harrassing phone calls. We are pretty sure the "phantom phone caller" is a man being investigated for arson in the county, whom she wrote a story about for Saturday's paper. The scary individual called here today, enraged, wondering how we could print such lies. Another reason I never want to work the cop's beat. That sort of incident, and when you visit the jail on morning rounds, prisoners in the holding cell up front like to leer at you- try to shake you up. It's just not my cup of tea.

My father called this morning- a man I rarely see- but who recently is "getting closer to God" and wants our relationship to better. So do I, so I and my boyfriend will be visiting him and his latest family in Birmingham this weekend. Four step-siblings. All of them fun to be around, especially for the nostalgia they offer. Perhaps I sound like I'm getting old, but I miss the beauty of youth.

Last night I had a dream I was in Orlando with a group of party friends, and we were enjoying the fine hotel lobby, swimming pool and decks like we did on one of our real vacations- one made "finer" by use of illegal substances. Gina asked me if I'd like some shards, and cut a fat line on the table for me. I declined at first- the constant temptation one I still face sometimes these days- but longed for the resurgence, the feeling of everything being ideal and unblemished, and bent down for the perfecto line offered. I was happy to wake and find the event untrue. They say temptation will destroy our lives, the neverending hunger .

I must cover a city meeting tonight, so in the office I wait. But it's rather nice, actually, when everyone has gone. A silent office is a good office.