I seriously enjoyed this movie. I loved the real artistic nature of the setting of the place, and some of the lines in the movie are really good. To really enjoy the quotes it helps if you've seen the expression on Johnny Depp's face when he says a lot of them. He is a surprisingly witty actor and does well in this role as Ichabod Crane. Christina Ricci is ok in the movie, its not her best but she does alright. Ok well here they are. Enjoy!

ICHABOD CRANE - …their heads where found severed from their bodies?
REV.. STEENWYCK - Their heads were not found severed, their heads were not found at all.

ICHABOD - It was a Headless Horseman!
BALTUS - You must not excite yourself.
ICHABOD - But it was Headless Horseman!
BALTUS - Of course it was.
ICHABOD - No, you must believe me,
it was Horseman!
A dead one!

KATRINA - Is there nothing you will take from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?
ICHABOD - No... not nothing. A kiss... and how rare a thing... a kiss from a lovely woman before she saw my face or knew my name.
KATRINA - Yes, without sense or reason...
It was a kiss on account.
ICHABOD - Oh -- God forgive me -- I talk of kisses and you have lost your brave man Brom --
KATRINA - I have shed my tears for Brom... and yet my heart is not broken. Do you think me wicked?
ICHABOD - No... but perhaps there is a little bit of the witch in you, Katrina.
KATRINA - Why do you say that?
ICHABOD - Because you have bewitched me.

ICHABOD - I am heartsick with it.
KATRINA - I think you have no heart -- and I had a mind once to give you mine.

BALTUS - There is conspiracy here! And I will seek it out!

LADY VAN TASSEL - The Horseman comes. And tonight he comes for you!

YOUNG MASBATH - Is he dead?
ICHABOD - He was dead to start with -- that's the problem.