So basically I'm scared out of my mind.
I have a check up this week.
I know they told me that I was ok for the most part but that's what they told me the first time I went to them...

Back in May my first appointment they told me that I was ok here have some medicine come see us in two months. Then in August they told me it got worse. They said here take some medicine and come back in two months.
Well its Novemeber, and if my body follows the former pattern of badness then it,whatever it is, will have gotten worse and I'll be so fucked.
Pardon my harsh language.
But I'll be fucked.
My mother helped me through the doctor's appointments in August and September but she is in Mexico now. I'm so happy that she finally got to move because she hated it in San Antonio, but I wish she could come back up to take me.
Being alone isn't very fun.