Haunts are one of the three main types of ghostly phenomena, as decided by parapsychologists. They combine elements of the other two types of ghosts: poltergeists and apparitions. Although they have been known to physically move objects, there seems to be intelligence at work. The movement isn't necessarily random or violent. Unlike an apparition, these ghosts can take notice of you, and may even speak.

A haunt includes the physical aspects of a poltergeist with the visual aspects of an apparition. They are said to be accompanied by the lowering of a room's temperature. Unlike apparitions or poltergeists, haunts have been known to verbally communicate with the people who witness them.

One of the most well-known types of a haunt is a wraith. A wraith (also called a crisis apparition) is the sudden and unexplainable appearance of a person who, at that moment, is really miles away. Wraiths most commonly appear when someone dies, is near death, or is in an accident. Contrary to popular belief, a wraith may be of a person who is still alive at the time. There have been numerous reports of people seeing their loved ones suddenly appear before learning that they died in a car accident. Wraiths might call for help, give a warning, leave a message, or simply say good-bye.