If there's a woman that falls in love with me because I opened a goddamn door for her, I don't want her. Why? Because this implies that if I hadn't performed this symbolic and basically bullshit act which anyone can do, she'd think less of me.

Here's my theory on the death of chivalry: we realised it's bullshit. How does opening a door for a woman show my love? It's just a stupid symbol. Maybe I could do something that takes effort, that not everyone could do for her.

As for these acts showing admiration and respect for a woman.. that's just not true. If I did something that took effort or was a major problem to me just for her, then that's showing admiration and respect. If I open a door for her, it shows I think she's a stupid bitch that'll fall for anyone who can operate their arms. If I really loved her and wanted to do something more than shag her, don't you think I'd do something a bit more taxing?

How is giving a lady my seat on a bus showing admiration and respect? Especially if I do it for all ladies. That either says, as most of "chivalry" does, -

  • I want to sleep with you or
  • You are weak and need my seat or
  • I respect you so much you can have my seat.
Ladies have to earn respect just like everyone else, so the last one is bullshit. And I guess neither of the first two please you much. The second one is also bullshit, so it boils down to the first. It always did - there was no golden age where women were respected just for been women. Chivalry was how men used to flirt.