The anti-war brigade, which for so long has believed it held the moral highground, has lost it with the Iraqi question, and consequently has lost what semblance of credibility it had in my eyes. You're unwilling to support a war for -

I. Reasons of international law (the U.N. resolutions which call for the use of "all necessary means", which must be upheld for this organization to maintain the credibility which you have so long insisted is of paramount importance.)

II. Humanitarian reasons. This speaks for itself - reports of torture, massacre of civilians, and oppression from Iraq are frequent and graphic. I thought you people were so desperately concerned with the plight of the World's poor?

III. Reasons of self-defence. There are around 1000 tonnes of the World's deadliest weapons missing in a country the size of France. If you think these have no risk of falling into terrorist hands, you're hopelessly naive. And if you think the West could avoid getting involved if Iraq invaded one of its neighbours (again), you need to take some lessons in realpolitik.

So, despite the above, you still don't support a war on Iraq. Look inward. Ask yourself why you don't. Got something against President Bush? Something against America? Isn't that a bit petty? Think inspections can still work? Good Lord. As the Dutch foreign minister has said, "We don't need more inspectors with flashlights, we need Saddam Hussein to turn the floodlights on."

Once you've clarified your thoughts, commit them to paper. Don't tell me - I've heard it all already, I'm not really interested. I'll tell you who is interested though. The citizens of Iraq. So when you write to your Congressman, your Senator, and the President, why not send a little letter to Iraq as well, explaining to them why it's necessary for them to continue to live under the rule of Saddam Hussein? Write another to the five million Iraqi exiles who have fled his regime, explaining why conditions will never be safe for them to return to their homeland.

Oh, and other thing. Don't ever, ever pretend you've got the moral highground anymore. You haven't. You've been telling us for decades that we have to compromise, we have to go out of our way to do what's right, even if there are some other negative repurcussions. Think about the positive humanitarian benefits of what's about to happen (and it is going to happen.) Can you honestly say that your paranoid fears about America or your non sequiturs are worth stopping that?