Made in 1963, this is the second Bond film.

Production Team

Director: Terence Young.
Producer: Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.
Script: Richard Maibaum. adaptation by Johanna Harwood (from the novel by Ian Fleming)
Cinematography: Ted Moore.
Special Effects: Wally Armitage, Frank George, Jimmy Harris, Garth Inns, Jimmy Snow, John Stears and Jimmy Ward.
Editing: Peter Hunt.
Art Direction: Syd Cain and Michael White.
Costume Design: Jocelyn Rickards.
Make-up Department: Basil Newall, Paul Rabiger and Eileen Warwick.
Sound Department: C. le Messurier, Harry Miller, John W. Mitchell and Norman Wanstall.
Music: John Barry. (title song by Lionel Bart)


Sean Connery - James Bond
Daniela Bianchi - Tatiana Romanova
Pedro Armendáriz - Kerim Bey
Lotte Lenya - Rosa Klebb
Robert Shaw - Donald "Red" Grant
Bernard Lee - M
Eunice Gayson - Sylvia
Walter Gotell - Morzeny
Francis De Wolff - Vavra
Fred Haggerty - Krilencu
Lois Maxwell - Miss Moneypenny
Aliza Gur - Vida
Martine Beswick - Zora
Desmond Llewelyn Q

Brief plot synopsis

Bond is sent to recover a secret Russian decoding device, not realising that this is in fact a fiendish plot by SPECTRE to recover the device themselves, kill 007, and make a shedload of cash.