I can't drive a car yet, and a lot of my dreams seem to revolve around me driving. I'm not very good at it though, and the brakes never work. In this dream, I was trying to park the car just down the road from my school. My mum was in the car with me, and was rather uoset about my lack of driving ability. The shit really hit the fan when I failed to apply the handbrake, and the car began to roll backwards. This wasn't very surprising, but what came as a real surprise to me was when I saw who was in the car parked behind to me.
It was none other than John Cleese. He wasn't too pleased with my driving ability either, and was quite vocal in saying so. My mum recalled how he had once reported her to the police for poor driving, and advised caution. I took it, and the car was parked.

Later on, I was talking to my mum again. She revealed that today she'd cycled to work. On the way, she said she'd run over John Cleese. Cut to me seeing this happen. Dream ends.