February 11, 2001:

The Sunday Oklahoman published a letter (on Sunday!) by McVeigh questioning the fairness of limiting the number of witnesses to his execution. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is considering a closed-circuit broadcast to accommodate survivors and relatives of victims.

"Because the closed-circuit telecast of my execution raises these fundamental equal access concerns, and because I am otherwise not opposed to such a telecast, a reasonable solution seems obvious: hold a true public execution -- allow a public broadcast," he wrote.

"It has ... been said that all of Oklahoma was a victim of the bombing. Can all of Oklahoma watch?" he wrote.

A national broadcast is not an option, Prison bureau spokesman Dan Dunne (what a name, can I buy one of those???) said.

"It hasn't been considered. It won't happen," Dunne said.

McVeigh, will be executed May 16 by lethal injection at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indianna.

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