Last night I went to an anti-war ralley in downtown Torino. It was totally non violent and occupied several city blocks from Piazza Castello to the Piazza near the river Po.

I had somewhat mixed feelings about this as I feel the Taliban have to go... not because of Osama bin Laden or because of September 11, 2001 but because the don't permit music and kites. No government deserves to stay in power after outlawing music.

Politcally I can see that this war too is also about ecconomics and I am not deaf to the arguments that the mujahadin are American made... but like I said I draw the line at music. True this is simplifying the issue a bit... but I HAVE to simplify it. I feel it would also be an oversimplification of the issue to say the US is acting imperialisticly and deserves to have it's ass kicked.

I am a person who protested the Gulf War, organized protests, caused property damage, tried to stop the war machine and ended up in jail for my efforts... we know how the Gulf War ended.

It's different this time, just as it was in Bosnia and Kosovo where I supported NATO action. Now it's just the US and England and I am supporting this millitary action.

Civillians and innocents will die. They allways do, weather a homeless man on the streets of Manhattan in Wintertime or a UN employee working to rid Afghanistan of mines from the Soviet invasion.

I also believe in karma and the wheel of life and that there is more than meets the eye when we speak of the world. This is not the final destination, just a stopover, and I have been to this station before.

Maybe I'm just feeling guilty for supporting the US military and Bush in their warplans. Maybe I'm just conflicted with my anti-American sentiments that still flow through my brain (I am an American).

I don't know, maybe I'm just sad about the email I recieved from my disfunctional mother this morning.

I wish the world was different but it isn't. It is what it is in all it's beauty and horror. I live in it. It affects me sometimes when I'm not being too selfish.