Culture shock to be back in Germany after nearly two months in Thailand and Laos:

The weather was nice those first few days but now the rain and cold has returned and that means no more frisbee. Fuck Germany.

Now that Im unemployed I no longer have an internwet conection so I either have to go to an internet cafe and pay 2.50 euro an hour or come to the WeinLander in Wiesbaden (a styly wine bar with an internet terminal) and drink chianti as I type. Could be worse.

I have a bunch of plans to hit the fleamarkets in the coming weeks to sell some of the Thai goods (fisherman pants, tribal items, bags, handmade books, paper lanterns, etc). Also selling some of it on ebay, like the Tin Tin t-shirts.

Im living with Dirk again in Wiesbaden... this is working well. I have two rooms and only pay 200 euro rent. So far so goof.

Im collecting German unemployment to the tune of 820 Euros a month. Very good. Quinn is coming on the 8th of June and in the 11th we are going to Venice. Then on the 29th we're going to Greece or Spain for 10 days. Monday I have to go to Frankfurt to get a new passport as I have run out of pages in mine.

Borrowing a slide projector for 2 weeks so I can run some slide shows of my Thailand photos. Got lots of nice stuff, think its some of the best work of my life. Dont know what to do with it. Want to do something commercial, maybe write up a proposal for some travel magazines and try to sell it as an article or photo essay.

What elks? No I mean what else... not much, smoking pot, wanna go and see some concerts... haven't been to one all year... not normal for me. Still we got Tortoise, Cowboy Junkies, Stockholm Syndrom and DJ Krush coming up. That'S it... and June 4, 2004 is the 100th anniversary of James Joyce's Bloomsday. Yay!