I'm helping GangsterFeelsGood out for the day by posting the top news headlines from around the world, So without furthur ado:

The Intermational Hearld Tribune (www.iht.com)

ECB, in Surprise, Cuts Rates Amid Dreary Economic Data
The European Central Bank lowered interest rates unexpectedly Thursday amid growing signs of an economic slowdown, cheering politicians and stock markets but leaving economists confused about the abrupt reversal in the bank's hard-line stance.

Berlusconi Challenges the Culture
As Italians prepare to vote Sunday, the question is how Silvio Berlusconi, a decried and problematical figure, could be the candidate who polls say will become prime minister regardless of unresolved conflicts of interest and prosecutions for corruption.

BT, Burdened by Debt, Plans Reorganization
British Telecommunications PLC, in a major reorganization designed to unburden itself of heavy debt, announced Thursday that it would issue new stock to raise $8.4 billion and spin off its wireless division into a separate company.

Germany Questioning Missile Shield
Germany, unconvinced by President George W. Bush's proposals for a missile defense shield, on Thursday posed what an American envoy called "very, very serious questions" over the project.

COMMENTARY Another Soccer Horror - and the Same Questions
Four times now in one month in African stadiums - and also once in Iran - deaths have been the unpardonable consequence of nights out at the soccer match. What is going on? Why is the world's most popular sport killing its followers?

2 Russians Seized as Internet Thieves
In recently unsealed court documents that read like a high-tech spy novel, FBI agents tell how they snagged two alleged computer thieves by creating a shell company and inviting Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Gorshkov to try to hack into it.

BBC Online (www.bbc.co.uk)

Battle over tax and health
Waiting list figures and reports that Labour will pledge not to raise income tax dominate the UK election campaign agenda.

McVeigh execution date in doubt
The FBI hands over boxes of evidence which could delay the execution of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Moscow joins F1 circuit
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone confirms that Moscow is to host Grand Prix racing - probably from 2003.

Seven jailed over stowaway deaths
A Dutch court jails seven defendants over the deaths of 58 Chinese illegal migrants, who suffocated in a lorry bound for the UK.

Flight blood clots 'hit one in 10'
Research suggests 10% of long-haul air passengers develop deep vein thrombosis - much higher than previously thought.

The New York Times (www.nytimes.com)

The U.S. Admits Failure to Share Evidence in McVeigh's Trial
The government withheld thousands of pages of interview reports on the Oklahoma City bombing. Timothy J. McVeigh's lawyers said they might seek a delay in his execution.

Congress Adopts Plan to Cut Taxes Over Next Decade
A budget plan close to what President Bush proposed won final Congressional approval, clearing the way for the first big tax cut in 20 years.

American International and American General Near a $23 Billion Merger
In a serious blow to Prudential, which had reached its own agreement to buy American General, American International Group is close to acquiring the insurer.

Swift Approval for a New Kind of Cancer Drug
The anti-cancer drug Gleevec, used mostly for the treatment of leukemia, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration yesterday after a quick, two-and-a-half-month review of clinical data

End of the XFL
The XFL expired on Thursday, a victim of dismal television ratings, subpar play and inflated expectations.

Dylan Keeps A-Changin'
As Bob Dylan turns 60 this month, a new swell of tributes, biographies and reissues pulls us into his latitude.
China Dily (www.chinadaily.com.cn)

Clinton calling for partnership between US and China
Former US president Bill Clinton heralded the benefits of globalisation on a visit to Shanghai Thursday, calling China to be accepted by WTO at an earliest date. He touched on the need for partnership between Beijing and Washington.

Taiwan Official Qian Qichen meets ex-Taiwan `premier'

China Premier on Road
Zhu Rongji starts visit to 5 Asian states today

Japan Wartime History
Koizumi sticks to textbook decision

Missile Defence
China willing to negotiate with US

Capitol Retaliates
Annan urges US to pay UN debt in full

Ghana Stampede
Death toll rises to 123 as soccer turns ugly

Panapress (www.panapress.com)

Prosecutor to complete Ethiopia's genocide trials by 2004
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - The special prosecutor pursuing officials suspected of committing genocide, crimes against humanity and other atrocities during the 17-year rule of the former regime in Ethiopia, Girma, says the process would be completed within the next three years.

Investigation begins on South African mine tragedy
Cape Town, South Africa - South Africa's Department of Minerals and Energy Friday began its official investigation into last Tuesday's explosion at Beatrix mine at Virginiaon operated by Gold Fields Limited.

South African opposition lashes back at criticism
Cape Town, South Africa - Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Tony Leon has dismissed as a dishonest attempt to divert blame for South Africa's poor image abroad, claims within government circles that he was 'bad-mouthing' the country overseas.

Kenya moves to protect local textile industry
Nairobi, Kenya - In a move to protect the local textile industry, the authorities in Kenya say they will impose conditions to discourage importers who bring into the country sub-standard goods.

Committee hands down amnesty rulings in South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa - South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has granted amnesty to four former Vlakplaas policemen, including the country's most notorious apartheid-era policeman Eugene De Kock.

Renamed Senegalese PM to downsize cabinet
Dakar, Senegal - Reappointed Prime Minister Mame Madior Boye has hinted that Senegal's next government would be a ""fairly reduced team with fewer ministers that would include women, politicians and members of the civil society.""

South Africa Airlink acquires Regional Jets
Johannesburg, South Africa - South Africa Airlink has made a deal to buy 30 new ERJ135 Regional Jets from Embraer in Brazil, the first two of which were delivered on Thursday, while further two jets are expected to arrive in August this year.

Obasanjo to battle defects in Nigeria's foreign exchange
Washington, US - President Olusegun Obasanjo has assured the Nigerian community in Washington of his government's resolve to deal with criminal activities and frivolities in the import business that have lately had a run on the local currency, the Naira.

Ban on Lubumbashi stadium lifted
Kinshasa, DR Congo - The Congolese Football Association has lifted the ban it had imposed on Lubumbashi's stadium where seven people died recently during a match involving two popular teams in the Katanga provincial capital.

News of the Weird (www.newsoftheweird.com)

Fraternities at the University of the Philippines and other Filipino campuses stage many of the same activities (such as toga parties) that U.S. "Greeks" do except that some apparently engage in murder and bombings in displays of organizational power, according to a February report in the Far Eastern Economic Review. The prestigious UP has accounted for 11 frat-related homicides (of about 100 nationwide) in the last 10 years, in acts ranging from student executions to gang-type rumbles, and frat brothers now in government and industry allegedly help to shield their organizations from police scrutiny. Far Eastern Economic Review, 2-15-01

In a decision published in February, Canada's Tax Court rejected Newfoundland magician Hans Zahn's attempt to claim business losses on his income tax returns, ruling that Zahn's record of losing money for the last 17 years, plus the province's economy and the nature of its far-flung communities, urge the conclusion that no reasonable person would think Newfoundland could support a magician. Zahn said he once earned about $1,200 (USD) a week but started suffering setbacks; for example, the rabbits he used in his act started dying in the frigid Newfoundland winters. "You try to bring world-class entertainment to the regions," lamented Zahn, "and Revenue Canada (the taxing agency) penalizes you for it." , 3-9-01

Police in Jacksonville, Fla., arrested Robert Eric Denney, 19, for a 1998 murder, and a Florida Times-Union report in March revealed that his DNA is linked to the crime scene. Despite close surveillance, Denney had avoided giving up a DNA sample, three times foiling officers (refusing a glass of water; putting a cigarette butt back in his pocket rather than discarding it; declining to lick-seal an envelope) and smirking that he knew what the officers were trying to do. Shortly after that, while walking around outside his workplace, Denney absentmindedly spit on the ground, and officers scooped up the saliva and rushed it to the lab. [Tampa Tribune-AP, 3-24-01]