yesterday I was gifted with a Sony Vaio laptop with 30Gb HD, 126Mb RAM, 700 some odd Mhz... DVD, and a Sony digital video camera...Who-who... it's almost as sexy as Kristi. I got it from work to take to CeBIT in Hanover on the 20th... I have it now in order to practice running a demo for our Internet Easy Video plug in for Adobe Priemeir (It's an MPEG-4 compression tool 40-1 compression). I get to hold on to the maching for the rest of the month it seems... very nice suprize, but it makes my Compaq laptop jealous.

It came with an AVI of Fight Club too, how cool is that? Neat movie... too bad I had to watch it on a computer... couldn't even run it full screen... Still interesting flick. I hadn't seen it before only having read some stuff about it here at Everything2. Well acted and not as violent as I thought it was going to be... Too bad it was dubbed into Italian, I hate dubbed films.

Kristi is still having problems with her iron levels... it's got me really worried. more doctor visits are coming up and there is even the possibility of an opperation. Blech... I hate doctors. She's being strong about it though. I admire her for that.

This weekend I'm postering the town with flyeers for my Umatilla, Oregon photo show. Then I'm droping down to Milan to see Giovanni and watch Bittersweet Motel which he just got on DVD. Need to do some shopping as well, maybe get a new suit for CeBIT. Other than that nothing special...

Yesterday I nodded a whole album for the first time. Fear of Music by the Talking Heads one of my all time faves. Right now I'm memorizing the words to Life During Wartime and Werewolves of London. Maybe I'll put up some notices in local music shops to see if I can find a guitar player to sing with... I see all the time that cover bands play here in Torino, so I figure it might be a road that could bear some fruit for me. Who knows?

I might start noding my PR work that I do for Telecom Italia Lab... I mean if people can node their homework, why not node my work?