sitting on the phone with my son Quinn who lives in Louisville, KY. We're talking about Star Wars figures. I got him some Euro packaged Episode I figures. I'm hoping him and my ex will come for a visit in September. I really want him to experience international travel at a young age.

Saw some great music this past weekend... a local Raggae band, that had sooooooooooooo much soul and jammed it out... very improvisational. Gonna see them again next saturday. I'm hooked.

Also saw Dave Douglas a great NYC trumpeter. Very out-there jazz, He used to play at the Knitting Factory, very much in the John Zorn, MMW, John Scofield new school of jazz. Very tasty.

Then on Friday I saw a local Piedmontese folk band called Lou Dalfin. Very coool stuff. I'll have a wu on them tomorrow fer whoever is interested. Also one on Dave Douglas.

Other than that all is well... got a letter from Paw and had a nice chat with Kristi. Going to see her in Hanover Germany in 2 weeks when I go up there for the Cebit technology expo. Work is paying for it all... airplane, hotel plus 1250$ cash for food, transportation, etc for the 10 days I'm up there. Whoopie!!!

Allora, (which means, "well then" in Italian), I'm gonna split. It's nearly 7pm local time and that means it's time for a hash filled pipe.

Ciao Everyone @ Everything2.