Thailand: day 17

Bangkok at night

Came back to the city today with petia, a friend from Germany that I met up with on Ko Tao. Now we have traveled north from the island to Bangkok in time for the weekend market tomorrow.

I want to go shopping for investment clothes for next years summer tour. I also nmeeded to get away from Ko Tao and the beach where I have been healing up from my motor scooter accident 10 days ago. The stitches came out a few days ago and everything is healing up nicely...

Our guest house is super styly... has a swimmming pool and everything. Very sweet. I want to find a pharmacy here in town that will sell me Valium.

Kind of awake, kind of tired after the day on the boat and bus and two nights not sleeping much and drinking more hanging with Jenny and Co. on Ko Tao. Jenny is this incredible girl I met who knocked me senseless and loaded up and down for the count. I think I was falling in love with her. Had to get some space for that. We might meet up again in Chain Mai in 2 weeks.

Im heading to Laos later this week for some river rafting on the MeKong River and some sertious opium smoking... should be fin and way way less touristic than Thailand. Thats it for now... Ciao, NL4e