Another day of Banking problems in Italy...

Went to one branch to pick up my monthly allotment of travellers checks (this is how I pay my student loans and child support from Italy: I buy travelers checks and then send them to my ex-wife. She writes the checks fopr me and pays my bills... including the child support, which she sends to Oregon and then they direct deposit it back to her... YEEESH!)

Anyhow the brach of my bank I stop in at on the way to work... doesn't have travellers checks! FUCKERS! so off I go to another branch, where i actually only had to stand in line for 20 minuets before seeing a teller.

Luckilly work lets me send the checks out DHL overnight to Loiusville, KY where Janet, my ex lives.

I feel much better today, it's so strange watching my inner state shift and stutter from one emotion to the next. But such a natural process as well....

It's the weekend, but I don't have any plans (other than going to see Dave Douglas on sunday).


Just got confiormed for the Germany trip... 4 days of free hotels, food and wild monkey sex with my girlfriend! yippie! And it's snowing again here at the feet of the Alps