In like a lion and out like a lamb

Beware the Ides of March

Some days I wish I was never born.

I got up today and felt like I was ready to return to America. What caused this shift, I'm not sure... can't place my finger on it exactly. But there it was, "Fuck Italy, go home!"

Of course my mind has been circling around this idea all morning and I realize that it most lilely won't happen, not till July at the earliest. If at all.

It's just some moments of my life here, I really feel out of place. I just don't get the jokes and sometimes the people drive me crazy and the trams allways come in twos after you've waited a half hour in the cold. The banks suck... and the general pace of life is often much too slow... nothing seems to work right. I'm cranky today.

But seriously, I am thinking of coming back to Chicago for some time. The only 2 things keeping me here in Italy are my girlfriend and my job, both of which are superduper. Awww, I dunnow... what the hell has got me so down today?

Fuck it.


Later ON:
I can't concentrate enought to node today.... I'm reading this great book called the Secret Chief by Myron Stolaroff. It contains a series of interviews with Jacob a now dead psychologist who for years and years used psychedelics in his therapy practices. Pretty amazing. Really makes me want to take a trip. It's been several years since my last real trip (I've had some bad E since then) and I'm itchy to go again.
If anyone knows where I can get my hands on any pure LSD let me know.