La Voce della Luna, (1989)
Directed by:
Federico Fellini

La Voce della Luna (The Voice of the Moon) was Fellini´s final film and a very surreal affair at that, more philosophical than some of his other work, it is a grandmasters final move on the chessboard.

Based on "Poems of a Lunatic," a novel by Ermanno Cavazzoni it is Focused on the misadventures of the childlike Ivo Salvini (Roberto Benigni) an apparent schizophrenic who goes in search of the voices of the muses, that he hears coming from wells in the Italian countryside of Emglia Romana. Ivo finds a companion in the paranoid senior citizen Gonella, who may or not be Ivo´s alter ego.

The plot wanders from one surreal scene to another, from a cemetery inhabited by a still living married couple with a habit of arguing about what´s for dinner to the kitchen of the Gande Mangiatore (the Great Eater).

The beauty of the film lies in it´s dream like innocence and it´s beautiful Italian scenery. Ivo is clearly Fellini´s foil and some of the sharpest scenes come in the form of criticism of Italian TV and politics.

There is also apparently an opera by the same name by Richard Strauss.

Writing credits
Ermanno Cavazzoni (also wrote the novel)
Federico Fellini

Roberto Benigni .... Ivo Salvini
Paolo Villaggio .... Gonnella
Nadia Ottaviani .... Aldina
Marisa Tomasi .... Marisa
Angelo Orlando .... Nestore
Sim .... Flute player
Susy Blady .... Susy
Dario Ghirardi .... Journalist
Dominique Chevalier .... 1st Micheluzzi Brother
Nigel Harris .... 2nd Micheluzzi Brother
Vito (I) .... 3rd Micheluzzi Brother
Daniela Airoldi
Stefano Antonucci
Ferruccio Brembilla
Stefano Cedrati

Also Known As:
Voice of the Moon, The (1989)
Italy / France
Color (Technicolor)