So my roommate announced the other day she is moving out. OK that’s fine. I don’t really think too highly of her anyhow. It was a roommate of convenience situation I needed a place to live she needed a roommate. So we moved in together. But she’s a 22-year old provincial uneducated mousey little girl and me I’m a worldly educated, urban ass. So there’s been some tension. Yesterday it hit the fan when she told me we must clean the house before the landlord comes over on Friday and I said why. I mean the house isn’t that messy. Not pig-sty messy. It’s quite neat actually. The cleanest place I’ve ever lived. Mostly because my roommate is a clean freak. She wanted me in the past to wash the floor of the room nobody uses. She wants to wash the doors of the apartment because of the fingerprints on them. She wants me to sit down when I piss so I don’t splatter the toilet (even thou I do wipe up any spots and hairs off of the rim – this is not clean enough). When she cleans the refrigerator she even wipes out the butter compartment even though there is nothing kept in there. Anyhow she wrote me this note:

Hey what’s going on with you? Why are you so frustrated? I am angry and sad, because you hurt me with your negative vibrations. I don’t want to talk with you, if you think it doesn’t matter what I think. I want you to respect me. You don’t respect me. I respect that you are standing on the toilet and that you only clean dishes and sometimes clean the floor. That’s are some little things, but I clean the toilet. The toilet you keep pissing of. It doesn’t matter, but I want you to clean the floor 1x a week or two. That are 5 minuets in your life. I can clean everything but I get sick and I am sad because the good picture that I had from you ged’s negative. It’s how you say or don’t say words. It’s like “fuck you.” I don’t want to fight with you. I know better things. I want to live in harmony. So I clean the floor alone. If you don’t help me. Miss Schneider (?) trust us, and I don’t want to kill the trust. I am sorry, but I really get rules – 1 rule is to clean the house when Ms. Schneider (our landlord) comes. In every house it is so. We are good people, why it doesn’t work?

So I don’t really give a shit anymore. I just don’t care about these complaints. I will compromise and clean the floors before Frau Schneider comes over and I will tell her I will clean the toilet more often. But I really don’t care. I’m not friends with this girl; she’s not friends with me. I don’t understand her. The other day after returning from Holland I was telling her about Rotterdam and how they don’t like Germans because of what happened in WWII when they (the Germans) bombed the centre of the city. She said this was wrong and that they should get over it. I said well maybe they should but I can understand their hatred (dislike, because the Dutch don’t seem to HATE anyone), after all if it was your town you might still be pissed off even if it was 60 years later. She said if that’s the case she could hate Americans because they conquered Germany. I tried to explain that there was a slight difference between starting a war (like America has done in Iraq) and finishing one. The difference between being an invader and defending yourself.

Anyhow she didn’t get it and just blankly said the Dutch should get over the past. That’s easy to say. The Germans these days just want to forget about the war. They are so sick of hearing about how they fucked up everyone and how the holocaust was so bad and all. They thing … shit it’s 60 years later won’t anyone ever forget and forgive!

More later…