I live in a house that is more like a squat. I have lived there once before and no good came of it so when I came back from Thailand what do I go and do? move in there again.

So now it's all coming to an end again roughly 40 days and nights later. And no good came from this 'house' once again.

Saturday I was in Darmstadt visiting friends when at about 8:20 I got a call from my romate Dirk, saying the house had been boken into (not his room, just mine, you see) and that my cameras were gone and the place was a mess. well I came home and sure enought my room was a mess. I was rpped off. They stole the camera with witch I had just shot 45 rolls of film on in Thailand and Laos. Ouch.

Suspicions are aroused imeediately agains both my roomate who had previously stolen some pot from me (1-2 grams). suspicions are also directed agains Heinrich's junkie like friends. It's likely I'll never know for certain who did this to me and if they knew me or if it was for money or simply some kind of vendetta or random curse. Don't matter. It's the best excuse I'll ever have to get out of this hole and move on up. The shit is gone. It can all be boght again. I have the cash right here. No problemo.

What is gone is my sense of security and trust in people. Everybody says it's not me, maybe it was him. The police say, talk to your roomate again' with a wink and a smile. But he's stealing electricity himself from the next door apartment and so why would he
1) risk the police coming in a seeing the cabels stretched out along the floor (which they did see and he had to have known I would go to the police - shit he even came with me to make the report)
2) risk loosing me as a renter... he's broke. He hasn't paid the electricity bill in 6 months (of course this could be another good reason to rip me off). Then there is the drug use in the house and the random whackos who come and participate in it. Maybe it was one of them. Who the fuck knows. Icare far too much about this.

So I move out and on. I'm going to Frankfurt. I'm gonna stay a week with my friend Barbara. On the 8th my son flies in from Chicago. On the 11th we're going to Italy together and then on the 29th to the south of Spain. Life moves on. I have other projects to work on. Stil it's bee a rough week.