Well I dont know much about puppies, but I really like big dogs. My only advice is to stay away from any puppy that will never get any bigger. Good luck!

I'm moving out of my house today. I am storing all my stuff and staying at H.'s place (he's in Thailand) until Monday when I fly to Thailand. Everything is coming together. Stopped working on January 31. Got all my ducks in a row during February. Now all I have to do is move out and fly away to Asia.

It's a great feeling to finally be moving again. I am soooo happy to be getting out of Germany. I really did not have a good time here. You'll never ever ever hear me recommend Germany and its lifestyle to anyone.

I'll be back here in April for another 6 weeks. Then on June 8, 2004, Quinn, my son, will fly here and we will travel in Europe together for a month, hitting Greece and Italy, Germany and maybe France or Portugal.

Then I will also see if my german unemplyoment will come through. If it does then I will likely remain in Germany until October. If it doesn't happen then I'm out of here in time for the second leg of Dead Tour in August.

Back to the USA after more than four years... ahhh the dream and memory of home: Chicago. I am so enthusiastic about this change at this time. It's like cycles winding down and circles completing themselves. Chapters finishing and new doors opening.

Ahhh, yes. Time to go and move some more... be good y'all see you from Thailand.