Gettign in here a little late this afternoon.

Work is smooth... set up contacts with the Financial Times today. Lunch was lamb, green beans and minnestroni.

Not nuch on my mind today... feel like splitting work early and heading home to a big fat spliff.
God I'm such a stoner.
I love this new book I'm reading, given to me by Kristi, called Eureka Street. It takes place in Belfast and is very ironic and sweet and funny.

Kristi is always turning me onto good books. It's one of the things I love best about her other than her mind, body, pesonality, hip huggin Desiel jeans, lack of cooking skills, sense of humor, compassion, insecurities, general sexiness, smile, eyes, lips, hands, feet, tongue, determination, independence, funny accent, specific sexiness, brains, brawn, westling skills, etc {but not in that order}.

Much mellower today, yesterday i was all hyped and amped because i was hitting level 4. now that I'm there i realize once again... it's the journey, not the destination that matters.

TToday i nodded:
Ken Babbs
Grateful Dead
Robert Hunter
Be seeing you E2.