Well it looks like my interactivity call scared away more than 50% of my voting readership... so BAM-BAM it's off the table. Anyhow, I had a great weekend, went shopping at Porta Pallazo, bought all sorts of goodies, including blood oranges from Sicily, fresh Salmon steaks from Genova (I suppose) lots of nice vegetables and a big chunk of hash! Played frisbee with Eugene on Sunday, there was a neighborhood parade celebrating Carnival that wound it's way throught the streets of San Selvario and my neighborhood, there was a large group of Phillipine immigrants who had a dragon dancing in the streets.... After that it was home again for a dinner of various cheeses (brie, scamorza, mozzarella, and a soft creamy one that I spread on some crackers) some wonderful tuna in olive oil stuffed into a red pepper, a tomato soaked in basalmic vinegar and some pringles and olives. Yummy! On more serious note i was really sad and angry to hear GW Bush bombed Baghdad. So I listened to Lou Reed wax eloquent about how fucked up America is on his New York disk. What else could I do... Man I hate the Bush family,,, I wish they would just go away. In other news... I really miss my girlfriend. She lives in Bonn Germany, and I live here in Italy and we only get to see each other ever couple of months. My mom and I were talking this weekend and she asked me, "is it serious?" and I said, 'Well ma, were not having kids, but... I'll stay in Europe as long as I can to see where it will take me." She reads these logs so I don't want to say anything that would embaress her. Hi Kristi! I miss you! Seems like the day is taking on a nagative sort of feel, the coffie machine is broken. And on another note... I'd like to address those who have downvoted my day logs: plase, why do youse louses do this??? I take this far more personally than when you downvote one or several of my other nodes. My life is mine... and if you don't like it don't read about it. Also to the E2 editors who nuked my rants on this subject....grrrr.