Lyrics and music: Phil Lesh

Protected by Greatful Dead copywrights reprinted with permission: see Greatful Dead lyrics

This is an oddity. It was written by Phil Lesh as a song to be sung by Jerry Garcia. It is often called "Mercy of a Fool" in bootleg lyric lists but it seems that "Equinox" is the correct title.

It was recorded for the album Terrapin Station but wasn't. The only version I've got is a simply terrible quality version along with other Terrapin outtakes--hence some lyrics in parentasies (i'm not positive the're correct). It was never played live.


She reclines, closing her eyes
The (still a bad sign) is bound to rise
Night birds and fireflies settle round her
Days grow long, strange (and clear)
Waterfalls shine again
Our lives go on down the stream
Shooting the rapids

Bright as gold
The arms you gave me
Bright as the eye of a hurricane
We're all just the (sage) going ()
Every moment is perfect, no sin is a jewel
If man is a prophet at the mercy of a fool

Watch the seasons go, as sunshine turns blue
Both so close
Sharing rain
(Come comes up) tomorrow
The great globe spins, the music starts
Every beat knows its part
To keep a spirit in a circle
The moment is perfect, the eye's a jewel
If man is a prophet with the mercy of a fool