I'm standing at the airport.
There's no one else around but me and her.
We look through each other.
The scenen shifts and I'm in Chicago, driving with my mother in a car.
We get pulled over for something.
I'm so nervous.
The cop lets us go... "what were we talking about," I ask Mom. She doesn't respond.
I'm in bed, under the covers, hiding.
I'm sweating, I have a book and a flashlight... I must only be 12 years old.
Then I see a shadow above me. "Turn that light off," I hear my mother yell.
I close my eyes and drift off to sleep... a fog surrounds me both physically and mentally, I'm too young to know about matters of the spirit... but I sense that there is a presence above me.
The fog turns into black slime, it shimmers in it's chaos and formlessness.
I'm paralysed with fear, and can't avert my eyes. It feels like some horror straight out of Cthulhu has come to claim my sanity and soul.
I look up from the typewriter.
I look at the computer monitor and see my own face reflected.