well, well, well, oh well

So LIVE FROM NYC it's New Year's Eve!!!!

Well I got on a plane in Bonn yesterday morning and flew to Frankfurt. From there on to JFK, NYC, where I was met by my sister Sami, who was passing through the city on her way to Israel. We then met Qousqous at the subway station and then headed downtown to Ground Zero.

This was sobering... hard to imagine it was more than a year ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. It puts a lot of things into perspective in my personal life to see the mass grave site of more than 3,000 people. It makes you happy to be alive (weather your heartbroken or not).

After that we headed down to Greenwrich Village for dinner. We were all starving. We hit up Burrittoville with it's plush leather couches and three kinds of salsa and whole wheat tortilla wraps. MMMM... yummy! After that it was back to the Take the A Train, where Quous and I dropped off miene schwister so she could get back to JFK to catch her plane to the other side of the world.

Then me and Q. headed to B & H Photo so I could buy some Super 8 film for the camera Dirk gave me to shoot some film of the faces of New Yorkers. I also bought myself a new Minolta Dimage F100 digital camera. There's Nothing Like a new bit of electronic gadgetry to cheer a boy up!

Then we headed down to Queens and Walter's place to crash out. There I met all sorts of noder folks and heard Phish's new record Round Room for the first time.

Now it's morning and NYE, later there is the Noder party in Brooklyn and the Phish show at Madison Square Garden. I need to go to the post office and send Quinn (my son) his birthday gift. Then I'm gonna go and sell some photos.

Thank god I got out of Germany for a while, thank god I got out of Bonn and my ex-girlfriends house. I needed this trip. BAD.It's been a rough December for me and I'm excited to start something new and get on with my life, lots to look forward to: new job, new apartment, new city to live in, new roomates and friends to meet and make...

Concering the ex: She's welcome to her fate. She is responsible for her own happiness, I never was. She can make her life whatever she wants to and I hope she finds what it is she's looking for in this world. I truely loved her and I guess I might just allways will in some place in my heart. The pain is reeceeding from her bitter betrayal of our friendship and I am certain that I will recover from this. I would wish she might think hard about what has happened in the past month. I would hope... but that's not under my thumb.