Giuliani was a resident of Genova/Genoa. His father is an official with a local labor union.

He is the first demonstrator to die in Italy during a demonstration in 24 years.

Giuliani was from a comfortable background but had a criminal record for minor offences.

His parents have asked for a "simple funeral ceremony, without flags, symbols or flowers, as Carlo would have liked it".

"I've known him for years. He was an ordinary kid. Of course, he was no pacifist, but that's no reason to shoot him in the head," said Attilio Rattu, a young Italian come to mourn his friend.

"The carabiniere who killed my son fills me with a sense of great pity," Giuliano Giuliani said Saturday. "I hope that he understands that he was wrong - but that in reality it was those people who put him in that situation ... who were wrong."

The Carabineri officer was charged with Murder on Saturday said Genoa's public prosecutor.

In another story a group of arsonists attacked an office building Monday in Athens.
An anonymous telephone call to a newspaper, a group calling itself the Group of Carlo Guiliani claimed responsibility for the attack.

The quotes and facts were taken from an various wire stories and Italian news sources.