A letter:

Sometimes, as I'm sure you know, things get weird at shows, or before a show, sometimes even afterwards, after you've drive well away.
This is what happened to me. It's just one example of a repeating pattern. It wasn't the first weirdness, nor will it be the last.

Anyhow it's the weirdness that caused me to lose those 3 Karl Denson and his Tiny Universe CDs, yes by Jude, it's the fault of the weirdness ana ang an' the sinking of the yellow submarine.
"Kosher, but not all that kosher."

So I figure... great opportunity to give away some CDs, collect some new shows, download some new tunes. And wrap it up and mail it to you... there's a song about it, this very thing, I know.

Um, the bubbler... the bubbler wasn't sunk with the yellow suubmergable, no it floated on the back of a turtle to the new/old world, where it immediately was put to good use. Hash is very thick yet in the summer 97 degrees in the shade, very plastic like, or better yet putty like.

So anyhow here's the first batch of CDs. Figured I'd split them in two, send you another one next week with the rest of the Phish and maybe a Tiny Universe show from '99 if I get it downloaded in time.

I'm making another batch for my one and only Italian Phish head friend. Giovani is more of a cheese head in reality. Went to NYC to catch them SCI guys playing in Central Park!
But he buys me drinks and Cuban cigars, so I burn him CDs. He's getting a Steve Kimock show, on of the '99 Philsh shows + the second half of the 2000 SCI Halloween show.
That's wehre as one of four encores SCI played the wedge... Sounds... Weird, not bad, but just a fun freaky Halloween cover.

So Trey band has run its course. Summer tours are over. I'm working like a lazy dog and sweating like a pig.

Going to Berlin for 10 days on business. By myself. I'll be the only person there representing my company.
No bosses or authority figures. Just me and a really nice Sony laptop, video camera and some other fancy PC shit... some cell phones and a webcam. Should be kinky. There will be some German girl there as well who we've rented for the duration.

Business is like tour. You go to shows, stay at hotels, meet people over drinks.

You just don't dance.