Today I started in earnest my diabolical plan to get her back.

I realized that our breaking up was the largest mistake of my life.

So today I began to try and rectify that. I am determined to win her back. Not that I see it as a contest. I just think I can do it. That she still cares for me, and that past mistakes can be put behind us if I just TRY and be better.

Past mistakes I hear you say, yes. Past mistakes: thinking too much about silly shit... (sex) not thinking enough about important stuff (bringing her flowers, writing her love letters, calling her every day).

I'm not irredeemable and I hope neither is this relationship, becasue I'm lost without her. I'm losing it daily, and daily my mind becomes more and more occupied by her. I can't stand it. Why do I allways shoot myself in the foot?

So today was day 1 of the campaign. I sent her two letters, and even tried to phone her over the weekend. But she's in Spain.

Day one... and counting...