Happy Birthday Borgo!!!

Dateline: Pai, Mae Hong Song, Thailand April 6th 11 pm.

What a day. Full moon here in Pai (prounounced bye. Went to the caynon and the hot springs (two times once in the day and once in the night. Had massaman curry for and smoked 3 joints. I bought 8 hammocks (4 cotton hand woven and 4 made out of waterproof parachute material). I paid a total of 5200 Bhat or in euro approx. 107 Euro and in dollars 130$. They are styly but heavy. The other day I shipped 15 kilograms to the USA (stuff I bought in Laos that eventually I'll sell at Phish and Greatful Dead shows next summer. It cost almost as much to ship it as it did to buy the stuff in the first place.

I bought raw silk scarves, handmade pu\ouches and bags of bpoth rayon and cotton some with embroidery and a bunch of handmade books most featuring hand made paper. In Chaing Mai I bought fisherman pants, Tin Tin t-shirts, an orange monk's robe, and wool hand knit hats with ear flaps. Sitting in Bangkok I have another 20 kg worth of stuff. The idea is to sell the stuff and earn back through that the 2100 euros I've invested in this (so far) 36 day walk about and trip (it's going to be somethign like 50 days altogether after I delay my return to Germany till the 21st of April four days after my birthday.

Then it's off to Budapest in May and then to Portugal and Luxembourg. Then in June my son, Quinn flys to Frankfurt anmd we go to Italy amd Greece. Then who knows...