Well it's my birthday today.
Kristi left Torino yesterday morning... it was a very nice visit and i'm already sad she's gone.
Back at work wearing a suit... not my birthday suit. Just got it back from the cleaners (there are bleach stains on the pants - won't be using those cleaners again).
I had promised to wear it for my collegues who hadn't see me in my monkey suit at the CeBIT.
Not much going on in my mind...

Recieved an email from an international bike touring company looking for free press. They are offering all-expense paid trips to journalists... and they have one here in Italy. I wonder how they got my name... but it sounds like fun... I wrote them back expressing my interest. Nothing like a free vacation... later I'll call Italy Daily up and pitch them the story.

Currently researching several expos we (Telecom Italia Lab want to attend... these include an MPEG-4 thingy in June in San Jose, the Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin in August, the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam in September and the Comdex in Las Vegas in November.