Quintessential fifth grade things
In no particular order ...
  • Being confused about feelings about boys. Or girls.
  • "The talk" wherein you learn about menstruation and puberty but not sex or birth control. Ever.
  • Hanging by your knees, upside down, on the monkey bars.
  • Making fun of the kindergarten kids, who were fenced into their own play yard. They were so puny!
  • Being picked last or first for kickball.
  • Watching the boys play marbles for keepsies. Girls didn't play.
  • Being the smartest or dumbest in your class. Having someone new move to town who is smarter or dumber than you.
  • Playing with Barbies -- incessantly. Girls played with them the normal way. Boys poked their boobs in, pulled off their heads and laughed their asses off about it.
  • Feeling too old to play with Barbies.
  • Fighting with your best friend for reasons you can't quite remember now.