An additional 2 people have died at the Disneyland Resort.

  1. (should be #5). July, 1974- Deborah Gail, 18 was a Cast Member working as a hostess a little more than a week after Disneyland's refurbished Carousel of Progress theater reopened as America Sings. She was killed when she became caught between a rotating wall and a stationary one. The theater was later redesigned so that these solid walls could break away.
  2. September, 2003- Marcelo Torres, 22, of Gardena killed aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This incident occurred “after the lead car, decorated to resemble a small red engine, and the open-top passenger cars sped through the faux desert landscape and uphill into a tunnel, where the cars separated and the locomotive derailed.” Torres bled to death after suffering a blunt force trauma of the chest. Several other guests were injured.