The mobile phone industry have realized something important. Well, at least Nokia has. Nokia went for the youth market. Ericsson went for the business marked. Nokia is now the world leader in mobile telecommunication, Ericsson struggles with poor results.

Like it or not, the youth market is really important. The youth have money. The ditzy features of Nokia, like downloading new logos, picture messages and ringtones are things that make your phone stand out from the crowd. The youth market want an individual phone.

Ericsson said from the get-go that only businessmen wanted cellphones, and they are paying the price for that now. That's why they want to make a new line of phones with Sony, since the two companies complete each others strong sides.

On a side not, Nokia makes excellent work phones like 6210 which I have. It's strong, has a huuuuge phone book, and a working calendar that syncronizes with my desktop calendar. WAP sucks, however.