Quick! What is it?

Vigelandsparken is a sculpture park in Oslo, Norway.

Where is it?

It is located in the west side of Oslo, with easy access from the subway and trams. Take the subway to Majorstuen and walk down Kirkeveien, or take the 11 and 14 tram to Vigelandsparken.

Sounds interesting. Details please!

The park is filled with statues created by the artist Gustav Vigeland more that 200 big stone statues makes for an incredible park. When you walk in the main gate, there are usually some youth at play in the little plaza just in front of the big lawn. Walk on inside the park and you get to a stone brigde with metal statues. The theme of the park is simply "Life". All of the statues shows people in normal situations, in love, in anger, in sorrow and in happyness. The most famous statue in Norway is located here; the Angry Kid (Sinnataggen). A widely seen but not very visited place in the park is the little plaza just below the man brigde. Walk down the stairs and have a look at the statues of infants. Then you can feed the ducks from the plaza. (It's just next to the water.) Even further down the avenue, you get to the impressive Monolith. It is a single granite statue more than 20 meters high, depicting people of all ages. The park walk ends some 100 meters behind the monolith statue. But since the park is quite large, there are several smaller plazas with statues scattered around. Most tourists are in a hurry and don´t notice these. The Vigeland museum is located on the south side og the park. It contains 5000 drawings made for the statutes and cast samples of the statues.

The park is quite unique in the world. I can't think of any other place similar to it, because the sheer number of large statutes makes it the only place like it in the world. The park is one of the most expensive goverment projects in Norwegian history, and was started during the depression to combat unemployment and cable start the local economy. It took some 15 year to finish.

Ok, anything practical things I should know?

The park is open all year, all the day. Even at night, and a walk during the not so dark night is romantic. It is best to visit in May or June when the weather is nice and the tourists aren´t quite so many. The park is very safe, look out for fast police on inline skates. There´s a souvenir shop located to the right if the main entrance, expensive as all hell out. There´s also a small café there with homemade ice and cakes, but extremely expensive. If you´d like a swim or something, the restored Frognerbadet swimming pool is located next to the park. If you want something inexpensive to eat, Majorstuen is a quick stroll down the road with several cafés and stores.

What does Nordicfrost think?

This is clearly my favourite of all tourist attractions in Norway. It is also the most visited attraction, but if you wander off the main walk, the tourists disappear. Then you and your chosen one can hide alongside the river watching the geese in peace or a duck while you, um.... You can't really say that this place rocks, but it is really, really beautiful. And for young people, it's a nice place to display your latest inline tricks, juggle or anything else.