Literal translation: "Women who push bellows, the Eboshi Tatara song"

This song from the wonderful movie Mononoke Hime is one of two vocal tracks on the soundtrack. The song was created by the film director Hayao Miyazaki and is performed by a japanese female chorus. This wonderful song is heard when Ashitaka arrives at lady Eboshis iron city. The women of the city, all former prostitutes striving for a better life working for Eboshi, sing this song when they work the bellows to melt iron sand into pure iron. The song is a counting song, much like the ones used by slave workers in America. The song has a more cheerful tone though, since this is the women's way of making a good life fore themselves. The song also serves a practical purpose, timing the 10 women pushing with their feet.
The music, composed by Joe Hisaishi, really set the mood for the rest of this extraordinary movie.

Japanese lyrics:

Hitotsu Futatsu wa Akago mo Fumuga
Mittsu Yottsu wa Oni mo Naku, Naku
Tatara Onna wa Kogane no Nasake
Tokete Nagarerya Yaiba ni Kawaru

English translation (By Ryoko Toyama):

One, Two, even babies can push
Three, Four, even an ogre would cry
The golden love of a Tatara woman
Melts and flows, and changes into a blade.