The unreal reality

I went to a lecture as usual. I had lunch with my friends, we laughed and went to the study room for read about constitutional law. I fell asleep on my desk but was awakened by my vibrating phone. I picked it up and read on the tiny display; 8 missed calls. My workplace had called. I didn't quite understand what was up, so I called them. No 'hi' or 'hello', just 'all fucking hell is loose, get fuck over here now! *click*'. Since I had returned the call, my display was now glowing with another message; '6 unread SMS messages'. My friend had sent messages. I read them as I would read a Tom Clancy novel. 'Plane crashed in WTC', 'Two planes crashed', 'Pentagon attacked'. My legs began shaking, and I ran towards the newspaper where I work. Now I thought a mainland attack on the US was in effect, and the impression was only amplified when I reached the newsdesk on the 7th floor where all the TV screens showed something that vaugely looked like New York. I asked what was up and a person told me that someone had crashed some planes into the buildings. Actually I was relieved, since I thought this was a full scale military attack on the US. The relief was short, however when I realized the dimensions of this carnage. Then the building collapsed. I saw journalists with war experience gape in disbelief of what they saw. None of us would believe it. The next hours were a blur of stress, CNN and work.

Util I did a story on grievers in Oslo. People walked to the now heavily guarded american embassy and put down flowers and lit candles. And cried.

You are all in our prayers.

Even those of us who are atheists.