The second version of SSX from EA Sports. SSX Tricky features two new courses (Garibaldi in British Coloumbia and Valdez in Alaska) in addition to the ones from SSX, much better graphics, new tricks and new voice talents. These new voice talents are: Lucy Liu, David Arquette, Macy Gray, Jim Rose, Bif Naked and Oliver Platt. In addition, the focus of the game shifts from speed to tricks. A new feature is the ability to release the board from you feet to do skateboard-style tricks. SSX Tricky is to be released on PS2 in november 2001 and there will be versions for Game Cube and Xbox too. The game will also have an additional DVD with more stuff like a featurette on the making of the voices and some SSX-movies.

For screenshots of the early beta version, go to this adress: