Iizuka "Maa-chan" Mayumi is a seiyuu actress from Japan. She has been in the acting and recording industry since the age of three, making her the Drew Barrymore of Japan. In 1991 she started doing seiyuu work for her current company, Yaegaki Jimusho. She has been unusually active in the voice acting business and her credits appear in well-known anime such as Pokémon, Escaflowne and Hyperdoll. The roles best suited for Maa-chan is the boisterous out-going characters, since she has a powerful and almost aggressive voice. That does not mean she can't do other voices, but these brings out her unique abilities.

Maa-chan is also a singer. She has released at least two albums, and a truck-load of singles. Her singing skills can be drawn into question, but since she is a seiyuu, she exploits it for whatever it is worth. She appears in several radio theatres and CD dramas as well as TV series. Her recording company is Pioneer.

Techincal data:

  • Name: Iizuka Mayumi
  • In Japanese, please: ????
  • Nickname: Maa-chan, Maitan
  • Born: 3rd of January, 1977
  • City of birth: Tokyo
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Vital measures: 80-58-78 cm
  • Blood type: AB
  • Skillz: Speaks Chinese, juggles the baton, tap dances and can ride horses.