Born in 1973, this art painter has experienced a rather quick success with his "Vicky" series. After completeing his education at the Goldsmith College, he based himself in London, England.

He spent some years painting just two persons, his girlfriend and another woman. The style of the paintings has been described as "post brit-pop" due to the remarkable superficiality and the typical british style of the models he paints. "My paintings are somebody, not just anybody", the artist stated.

With these paintings, he builds a bridge from the traditional English paintings to the more harsh and cynical art of today. The paintings may resemble pop-art in apperance, but after looking at them for some time, the cues you may get are urban love, alienation and so forth. The whole collection is marked by a "cool sadness" as stated by one critic.

One of his "Vicky" series paintings is on display on an Internet art gallery here: It's not one of his best pictures by a long shot, but illustrates the style. He also has a small homepage with a couple of pictures here:

A list of some of his exhibitions:

01/99 Painting, Christian Dam Galleri, Oslo solo exhinition
08/98 Group Show, Christian Dam Galleri, Oslo w/Rainer Fetting, Mark Emblem & others
09/98 Art Copenhagen, Christian Dam Galleri, Copenhagen
11/96 Hard Truths, 50 Caledonian Road, London w/ Simon Tegala
04/96 My Manor, 50 Caledonian Road, London w/ Mustafa Hulusi, Michael Ritzema & Chris Walsh
11/95 Renegade Darkside, 25 Pentonville Road, London w/ Mustafa Hulusi, Michael Ritzema & Helen Silverlock

Currently displayed in these collections:
Saatchi Gallery, International Private Collections

Personal note: I now own one of his paintings, and it's simply beautiful. The title is "Vicky 111" and it's currently the crown jewel of my art collection.