A recurring short skit series in the hilarious Norwegian TV-program Åpen Post. Actors Harald Eia and Classe Ekman play two anti-media zealots, with their own airtime. Since the participants of Fata Morgana are the only ones not aware of the irony of bringing hardcore anti-TV messages out on TV, they try as hard as they can to disrupt the program with their messages. Sadly for Fata Morgana, they like to be on TV, even though they are supposed to hate it. Each time they discover things like having groupies, free soda in the studio and other small pleasures.
The also try to get the message out by dancing like robots at the end of each skit while singing "We're dancing like robots". Weird.

Sample skit:
Harald Eia: Awww, look at the small puppy (holds a plush puppy), think of puppies and a sommer day. Think of your girlfriend walking through a meadow...
Classe Ekman: HIROSHIMA!!! NAGASAKI!!! GEORGE BUSH!!! (Pictures of atom explosions flash on the screen.)
Harald Eia: That was an example of the duality of media.