For the first time, I'll expose my thoughts here at the day log.

My life went from shitty to depressive. What could cause that you say? Oh, why the ex-factor of course, Timmy! My ex for almost two years now has found a new guy. And I had a strange experience. I thought that she wasn't out of my mind, but when I got the news, I felt nothing. I didn't feel joy, I didn't feel depressed, I was in mental limbo. My legs went all jello-like, and I had to fight to stand straight however.

This wasn't what made my day crappy, however. I also found out that she had no feelings for me anymore. Not love (As I knew) but nothing else either. Honestly, I would rather have her hate me than have no feelings towards me.

Life sucks, but there's a frat party on friday. Yay. I guess.