Update: The Cloudmakers have made a site where they try to solve the puzzle. And DAMN it's big. Visit their site at www.cloudmakers.org

This metanode covers the plethora of websites, persons, phone numbers etc. in the A.I. movie. The network of the sites is huge, and is a masterpiece of planning. It ranges from fictional personal sites, to universities, "racist" sites and everything in between.

Originally, you start out from the trailer of the movie. It is available for download here:

Within the trailer, there's two clues. One is in the credits for the movie. Watch it very, very closely and you'll see a strange credit among the actors, music composers etc.

The other is a real brain teaser. When the text "Summer 2001" appears, look at the notches in the letters. Notice who it makes a number pattern? Dial the number.

Otherwise, here's the web sites for quick reference. They are individually noded so it's easier to look them up if you are a stranger to the sites.

I have included Whois info on the sites I could get info form. Notice who is registered on the pro-AI and AI hate sites. Sometimes, you can get info on the persons, by calling the number in the whois info.







The phone numbers you can dial are here:
A.I. Interactive phone numbers